Baobinga & ID - Big Monster: Dubstep Remixes

My attention has been drawn to this Fat! Records release. Already being a fan of DFRNT, it's good to hear he's come up with a couple of pretty nice trippy/ambient numbers on this EP - I'm liking the harder-edged stuff of what he's come up with so far, but it's good to see him come up with consistent tunage from his last few releases.

On the darker trip, Hektagon's remix has a relentless evil wobbly bassline, uber-paranoid atmospherics and a bloody nutters synth that kicks in from nowhere - makes for an oddly good tune!

ID's remix of "South Manchester Weather" is top of the pile on the EP though; a jittery double-time hybrid break combines with nasty but catchy distorted bass goodness, and a splash of random 80's-stylee synth, to create a very cool tune. Have a listen here.


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